Who are we ? And what is our aim ?

We are a friendly and welcoming company enabling you to make a stress free purchase in the South of France !!!

Our aim at Horecamp is to help you realize your project, and new way of life : selling or buying a hotel, camping site or bed and breakfast in the South of France.

We are an english and french speaking company, specializing in transactions in the tourism industry.

We link sellers in South of France and buyers all over Europe !

Practically, how does it work ?

If you are wishing to buy a hotelcamping site  or B&B, first we will explore what your property needs are and then on your behalf search for the most suitable project.

As additional services, for example, we can support you to :

- explore the possibilities of funding  : loan, maybe available

- make links with local organizations : tourists offices ...

- ensure your business fully needs tourism regulations

We understand that buying aboard is a big step. Therefore, at Horecamp, we aim to provide you with high quality support after you have made your purchase.

If you are wishing to sell a hotelcamping site  or B&B, we will search for suitable buyers, and we can also provide you with an evaluation;


What distinguishes our company ?

We always aim to provide you with personalized services. In France, we call this "sur mesure" !

We have a thorough knowledge of our region and its unique heritage !

Our expertise ensures that your project fulfill the norms and regulations the tourisme industry !

With Horecamp, investing in the South of France will be easier !

You can trust in Horecamp because we know perfectly the Region and our heritage. We also manage the specific numerous norms and all the touristic actors.

With Horecamp, invest in South of France will be easier !

Don't hesitate to contact us : contact@horecamp.com, we speak English here for you !



Strongly set in a privileged country

A multi-faceted territory !



More than 10 Unesco sites !

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